alpha concept / show and stage lighting

JB Lighting

High quality LED moving heads made in Germany; ideal for stage lighting, TV productions and the show business

JB Lighting Italy: LED washlights and spotlights as well as controllers

JB Lighting

JB Lighting Sparx 7

JB Lighting Sparx 7

JB Lighting Sparx 7


Extra bright Strobe lightings with blinder function up to 85.000W

From the small CAP Strobe to the EuroDMX 5000W, from the Quasar 15.000W to the T-Light with a maximum power of 85.000W

Mainly used in large discotheques, in big shows, large stages, TV productions and in the whole show business

Hungaroflash Italy


Next generation event lights. 100% wireless

Astera develops and manufactures the brightest and most compact wireless spotlights on the market. All our fixtures come with creative accessories, modern features, sturdy materials and IP65 waterproof housing.

Astera Italy Wireless Event Lights

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Buy LED lighting effects and LED moving lights for DJs and discos directly online.

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Laser Show

Multimedia 3D graphic and laser beam shows

Rental service and customized shows available all over Europe. Sale and technical support for complex laser shows

Show Laser Italia